Pfarrwanger Jungschuh-plattler

The basic idea of the „Pfarrwanger Jungschuhplattler“ is to show the kids, how much joy this special folklore can create, as well as to foster social contacts. Of course litttle mishaps happen, but the important thing is, that the youngsters have pleasure at this activity.

  • First appearance at the 20-year celebration of the Pfarrwanger Schuhplattler
  • At the first performance eight kids between 6 - 8 years of the adult Pfarrwanger Schuhplattler were dancing.
  • Nowadays fiveteen children at the age of 9 - 15 years are involved.
  • Already some of the small ones, are now dancing in the adult group
  • They have their own accordion player
  • The kids are growing and so also the young plattler group need new team members, who want to learn this traditional dance
  • Many traditonal festivals all over Upper Austria
  • Appearance on the local musician party
  • Different midnight interludes
  • Weddings
  • Traditional local events (Maypole set-up, …)
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