About Us

It all started in 1991, as young people from „Pfarrkirchen“ and „Adlwang“, had the idea to rehearse a special midnight interlude for a ball in their homevillage. The audience was so enthusiastic about this performance, that the group decided to carry on and learn further dances. Consequently this was the beginning of the „Pfarrwanger Schuhplattler“. 

Nowadays the „Pfarrwanger Schuhplattler“ count 37 motivated members and developed to a very sucessful folk dance group. 

As the group grew, so did the success of the "Pfarrwanger Schuhplattler", which has become a very successful folk dance group that has not only made a name for itself in Austria through various performances at festivities, cider tastings, birthdays, company celebrations, etc., but has also become known around the globe through international performances.


The „Pfarrwanger Schuhplattler“ already performed in different countries all over the world.

Since the foundation they visited 16 folk lore festivals in 14 different nations.